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Make Good Schedules & Negotiations

“Make Good” Schedules are a schedule of building defects or disrepair which occurs during the term of a lease, which is developed in consideration of the tenant’s lease covenants.


For property owners, a Make Good Schedule specifies the scope and cost of works, relative to the repairing covenants of the lease, to be completed by the tenant prior to vacating the premises. For tenants, a Make Good Schedule can be used to plan for future cost liabilities, which can be used to assess the viability of a relocation strategy or negotiations with the landlord.


Make Good Schedules are prepared following a thorough property inspection and careful consideration of the lease documentation. Although generally prepared towards the end of a lease schedules can be prepared during the term and even after the lease has expired, to ensure the property is maintained or to recover costs for damages. The CDC service is delivered in two stages: Preparation of the Make Good Schedule; followed by the

negotiation phase.

Make Good Schedules & Negotiations

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